Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Birthday Burnout

No, it's not a card this week. It isn't even the better of the two cakes I had decorated. I had done the elaborate decorating for the family cake but no one thought to take a picture. Oh well.

This is a chocolate butter cake baked in a preformed pan. I know baking from scratch is often wasted on 3 year olds but DS's best friend is allergic to nuts and I wanted everyone at the daycare to be able to have cake. All candies used are peanut free.

This week was a complete write-off for cardmaking. Two nights were dedicated to baking cakes. Two seperate nights for decorating. This was only half of a night. The other took longer. The family party was a fifth night and of course there was the night spent cleaning up after the baking and getting ready for relatives.

DS made me laugh. This cake was for his daycare party. He knew that he was having a party with his friends and a train cake. However, we had it the day after his birthday. At bedtime on the BIG Day I asked him if he enjoyed his birthday.

"No, Mama. No party. No balloons. No train cake."

The family dinner with presents from both sets of grandparents. The day out with his family. The new bike. None of it mattered. The birthday wasn't real until his official party. Ugggg.

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  1. Sounds like a busy week, can't believe this is the less intricate cake, it looks pretty amazing to me! I'm happy when I get the whipping cream evenly spread over mine LOL! Hope you are recuperating :-)