Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Flowery Hellos

DS insisted on helping me with my photography today and it shows. I'll try to get a better photo soon. I tried a new technique today. Emphasis here on TRIED. I had seen beautiful results from the Gesso Resist where magazine's are recycled into backgrounds for silouhette images. Mine just looked scary. I think the problem was I was using an old copy of "The Economist" which has very small, block text. Old books seem to work better. Anyways, I wanted to try and rescue something from my attempt and a challenge last week to make your own flowers has been twigging at the back of my mind for a while now. Out came my trusty heart punch from Creative Memories and this is the result. Some of the hearts are curled up to give a more realistic, 3 dimensional effect. The blue background is from a paint chip we decorated with. The sentiment came from SU's Autumn Leaves set.

My one question though is how does one store and send cards like these? I normally use flat or sturdy embellishments so I can stack them. Everything fits in an envelope to be mailed. I've seen lots of very pretty but quite 3D flowers being used at the moment. Are they immediately given away? How are they presented? This card will be crushed if I even just leave it on my table!

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  1. It's gorgeous! So simple and classy and I LOVE the flower! I have that same heart punch, I think, and also some old copies of the economist too LOL! Will be trying this out.