Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Embellishment Explosion

I'm very excited. I will be participating in the PaperWorks Blog Hop on May 28th. My first! My biggest challenge has been which card to choose since I've been playing with this image and these papers for a while.

Wow, this is not my usual type of card. I went a bit crazy with the flowers but I wanted to play with the Creative Card Crew sketch and finish my Paperworks swap. This is my 3rd in the series.

I also really need to get more copic colours. While I'm still enjoying the image, I am getting tired of red and grey. I think my next set may be blue or green. What do you think? What should be my next colour family?

1 comment:

  1. It's really pretty, all the little flowers are so sweet! I think your greys and reds are looking great....I guess if you added blue then you could combine colours to make purple since you have red...(you swap the tip of one against the tip of the other and then colour--do not try this with your su markers though).