Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cherry on Top Award

Lucky me, I was honoured with my first blog award today by my friend, Kristina from Reflections of a HappyCrafter. She gave me the Cherry on Top Award for my CAS cards. Thank you Kristina, that means a lot since you encouraged me to start blogging to start with.

To accept the award there are a few criteria and us teachers do love our criteria! We are to as a recipient of the award: thank the person who gave it to me, with a link to their blog, post the award, share three things about yourself, or things you like to do, then pass the award to five more people.

3 Things about Myself:
1. My first job was a research assistant at an entomology lab. I was given the job by a professor who wanted to promote women in science. My job interview was: "Do you like bugs?" My response was "Only if I can squish them!" I was to show up the following Monday. I then spent the next 3 summers washing bug traps, hiking forests and mapping infestations, and feeding colonies. It was awesome!

2. I'm a voracious reader. I will read anything. People will often laugh at the weird trivia I have. I read the local newspaper, the Economist, any genre of novel, science periodicals. If it is in print, I will read it. I may not agree with it or like it, but I will read it.

3. I love road trips - anywhere. This says something with two kids under 4 and a husband that hates to drive. But I just love getting in the car and going. I love all the stupid games and songs. I love picnics by the side of the road. I don't even mind Magical Mystery Tours as we call it when we get lost, as long as we have snacks in the car.

Picking 5 blogs to honour is difficult. I look at lots of challenge blogs each day. However, the few personal blogs I visit tend to be Canadian stampers that I met when I first started out on SCS and they have already been honoured. However, there are a few very inspirational blogs for me:

1. Susan Raihala aka Late Blossom of Simplicity - She is the reigning queen of CAS (clean and simple) cards. Her one layer cards are just amazing. Don't be fooled. Creating such clean and simple cards is a true art and extremely difficult. She is always inspirational and is very generous in providing techniques and advice.

2. Andrea of Impressions are Made - Andrea makes the most beautiful Tilda and Belles and Whistles cards. He colouring is amazing and she creates detailed and elaborate cards that I can only admire. Andrea is also very kind in her blogging commenting and I greatly appreciate her kind words.

3. Lorraine of Lorraine's Loft - Lorraine is an amazing card maker who belongs to I believe, 7 design teams! On top of all this beautiful creativity, Lorraine is very generous with her commenting and supportive of new crafters in blogland. Thank you.

4. Stef H of Glitterbabe Greetings - All I can say is this girl is FUNNY. If you need a pick me up or a smile. She is the go-to-girl for a read.

5. The Underground Teacher - Okay, not a crafting blog at all but it hits home to this teacher all the same. Very honest, very funny, well written and love all the extra photographs to emphasis the text.

Thanks again.


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  1. Very cool first job, I didn't know you'd done that!