Sunday, November 7, 2010

Christmas Kindness

I am an avid follower of Susan Raihala's Simplicity Blog (aka LateBlossom). She is the true queen of CAS. Her latest one layer challenge was inspired by the most fabulous story. Please go to her blog to read about it. Basically, her OLW challenge provide inspiration to women that create cards for the North Dakota State Penitentiary. This week the challenge is to create a December Holiday, one layer card that meets the North Dakota State Penitentiary rules for cards. There are strict guidelines.
  • No metal (brads, wire, etc.)
  • No gemstones or pearls
  • Limited glitter
  • Flock, ribbon, embossing, and punched shapes are okay

Since I have finally gotten some decent white cardstock for one-layer cards, I decided to join this week. After going through my stamps, I settled on my new Heartfelt Creations Snowflake Medley and the Christmas Expressions sentiment from CHF. It screamed at me to be done in navy. The first card I tried stamping using white ink and clear embossing powder. Very subtle and pretty but almost too subtle. The second card was done in navy with Versamark and white embossing powder. I love the pop but was a little sad that some of the beautiful snowflake details were lost.

Then it hit me. It wasn't likely that anyone in a state peniteniary would have access to special jelly pens. Back to the drawing board. I tried the card again on white using Ballet Blue ink. Pretty but a little soft.

Again using Navy ink. I can't decide which one I like better.

Then because I was playing, I pulled out my Church in the Wildwood set and stamped the sentiment with Versamark and embossed with gold. This is a little plain for me. I wanted to go around it with one of my Nesties but none of them were big enough. I hope the gold will be sufficient. I don't normally do religious cards but the sentiment is just gorgeous and I so wanted to play with it.


  1. Christine - these are all beautiful. Each one has something unique about it. Amazing how one stamp can be used so many different ways.

    Thanks, Rhonda (from the ND State Pen group)

  2. What elegant cards! These are gorgeous. It's amazing how different they look with different colors of CS and ink. I think the key to all of them is the embossing. It makes them beautiful!

  3. These are gorgeous! So happy to see you playing with your new stamps and I what a neat challenge! I like them all, and think I like the top one the best. Take care!

  4. WOW! Gorgeous cards! ALL of them!

  5. Oh, these are all so pretty! Like Sue said, it's amazing how different they look, just by varying the colors. And I love the simple gold embossing of the last's perfect!

  6. Love the cards you sent. The simplicity of both styles is so calming and also an inspiration with some of the stamps we have to work with. I would never have thought to use just the words from a big stamp like you did, but it is stunning. Thanks for sharing. Rhonda