Saturday, July 9, 2011

Invitation Samples

I was asked to make up some wedding invitiations for my brother's wedding. Unfortunately, all I've been told is that the colours are watermelon and white. Now is that pink, red or orange in shade... I haven't gotten a sample yet. Nor have I been given an idea of how formal she wants or a theme. I decided just to make up samples from my stash.

The white has their information computer printed out. I've just digitally removed it for this posting. There are not really any smears to be seen. I wanted her to see some samples using cards that fit into a business sized envelope since they would not require extra postage and it would be easy for them to include a full sized map. I also wanted her to see how we could use punches to create an effect. I don't expect her to use either the butterfly or the hearts, I just wanted to show how punches could look.

To be honest, these invites are not impressing me. I find the contrast between the bright pink and white to be stark. In the second one, I find the ribbon too heavy but I didn't have a pink one to match and I'm going with what's in my stash until she gives me some direction of what she likes and doesn't like.

At least I'll have lots of fun going back to the drawing board!

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  1. These are amazing- I have to remember you when I have to do Maria's. Remind me hey? HUGS!