Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Crafting Resolutions

Happy New Year to everyone!

Last year I posted my crafting resolutions and I found it so helpful to keep me on track so I want to do the same this year.

1) Post one new card a week.
Last year I wanted to post at least once a week.  While that didn't always happen, I realized I posted 297 posts in 3 years.  So that averages to just a little more than 1 post a week.  Often I post in spurts and starts, but for the most part it worked.  I want to continue that goal.

2)  Use at least 2 pre-stamped image a month.
I used 25 pre-stamped images last year so I blew that goal out of the water.  Last year I only aimed for 12 in total so I rock.  I still have 2 boxes of images to go so lets keep this one.

3)  Use all my stamps at least 3 times or it has to go.
Well this one didn't work so well.  I did a big purge in January and another in July.  Other than sentiments, I don't think I used a single stamp 3 times.  More significantly, I still have a large collection of uninked stamps.  While I didn't buy many stamps in 2012, I did win quite a few so I may actually have gone backwards.  Will continue this challenge.

4)  Use my scraps.
I actually created over 100 ATC valentines in 2012 for my kids, mother and myself (all in elementary schools) and managed to do it all from scraps.  I worked so hard to use up scraps and I swear they multiply in the night.  I'm still working on this one.

5)  Create 5 scrapbook layouts a month during the school year and 100 during July and August.
I really want to finish my 2010 album and start my 2011 album.

6)  Learn to crochet.
Just the basics but I always wanted to try!

I know this is a lot but I do enjoy my crafting and DH actively encourages me to take time to do so at least several times a week.  I tend to be calmer if I get regular crafting time to myself.  It's one of my few girly indulgences.

Best wishes to you in 2013 and good luck in keeping your own resolutions.

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