Thursday, October 24, 2013

Bath Salts Christmas Gift

We are on Day 3 of Mark's Finest Paper's 12 Days of Christmas Challenge Hop to help us get ready for our Christmas gifts.  What a great idea!  I tend to wait until the last minute.

I did change the recipe for the bath salts to match my recipient.  Since she is allergic to perfume and glycerine, she often does not get pamper items.  I also tend to prefer organic items.

I used:
1 lb - Dead Sea Salt
1/8 cup - green clay (used in face masks for detoxing/cleansing)  * This is optional.
1/2 cup - baking soda
A mixture of essential oils. You only need about 20-30 drops in total of essential oils.  I already had the oils on hand which was part of the decision.  Do check an aromatherapist if you choose to use essential oils.  Some are not safe for pregnant women and citrus oils can cause skin light or photosensitivity.  I used rosemary, peppermint and orange.  (Tip:  If using essential oils, use a glass bowl that can be washed instead of metal which can have a chemical reaction with the oils.)

This was a great project because it gave me four small mason jars for gifts and enough left over for a "tester" for me.  The jars are decorated with a piece of one of DH's dress sleeves that had been stained and I'd saved.  The image is from MFP's Christmas Cardinal set, my favourite Christmas set.

I am including Patty's tutorial that uses her recipe for Bath Salts in case you wish another option.

Hope you enjoy an do join us in the fun!

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