Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dragon's Egg

This week at For Fun we are making anything but a card.  I'm in birthday mode for DS so while it may not look impressive from here, I spent several nights making DS a dinosaur's egg piñata.  He is obsessed with dinosaurs and wanted a dinosaur theme for his party with his friends.  Mommy made a paper mache egg.  It was spray painted green and then covered with an onion bag.  I then sprayed it again with gold glitter paint to give it the texture of lizard skin.  None of the photos turned out well and since the kids had a wonderful time, I won't be able to take more photos.

For anyone that wants to make a piñata, I recommend three layers.  I used four and we broke the hockey stick.  DH had to give the kids the metal handle from my broom to break it open.  I was terrified!  Inside I had skipping ropes, sidewalk chalk, bubble solution, small amounts of play dough, plastic dinosaurs and only a single box of Smarties for each child.  I highly recommend Walmart, the day after Easter for non-candy prizes!

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  1. I totally adore this. So much fun! So wonderful that you made it yourself. It's amazing. Wish we had stuff like that here in sweden. Wonderful!
    Love n hugs