Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Lightening McQueen

For Fun Challenges had perfect timing for me this week.  The topic is anything but a card and since it's birthday time in my house, Mommy hasn't had much card making time.  Lots of "crafting" for the party but not really any card making.

DS is obsessed with Cars.  Actually both boys are obsessed.  I found the perfect technique to make his cake in a decorating book a few weeks ago.  To make the car, I placed wax paper on one of his colouring book pages.  I then used chocolate in a decorating bag and piped the lines.  I let it cool and then using a separate bag for each colour, I used candy melts to fill it in.  Once the whole car was set, I placed the wax paper in a cookie tin to save it until I was ready to decorate the cake.  I was able to make it a week in advance!  On the big day, once I had iced the chocolate cake (yes, from scratch, no cake mix!), I just turned over the image and pulled off the wax paper.  Pipe on the words and presto!  Mommy of the Year for me.

Hope you enjoy and please do join us for anything but a card!


  1. So super cool! What an amazing make. Your kids must love you to the moon and back for this. Such wonderful cake.
    Love n hugs

  2. Your cakes looks yummy! What a great way to get the design!! Very clever! It looks really good! And cool with the dino egg-how fun is that! :)

  3. YUMMY!!!!!!
    This cake looks WAY too good to eat!

  4. Mommy of the year is right!! Rock on for even being able to make this. so did he have a cars and dino party?