Thursday, August 28, 2014

Mathematical Magic

This week's challenge for MFP's Simple Salutations is to make a card featuring your favourite school subject.  I chose MATH!  I love teaching math and sharing how math isn't hard, it's about finding patterns and applying what you already know in new ways.

I'm really hoping that school starts on time here in British Columbia and that the negotiations between the teachers and the government move forward.  I always find September to be magical - more so than January.  Every year, we get a totally fresh start.  New supplies, new friends, teachers and the opportunity to do better.  I love September.

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  1. Hi Christine. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I live in BC too...Surrey fir my main residence and the Shuswap in the summers.
    I hope the Government starts negotiating properly and pays some $ and respect to the teachers.

    Great Back to School card! I smiled when you said you love to teach Math. We have the grandkids and my daughter up for Labour Day. We played Aggravation before bed. Such a great way to teach adding numbers and strategizing!