Friday, June 12, 2015

Mr. Sun

Have you ever noticed that the simplest layouts are sometimes the hardest to execute?  Today's challenge on MFP's Speedy Fox and Friends is to use the corners only.  I knew exactly what I wanted to do on this one layer card but I used up 5 card bases because I kept getting inky fingers on it.  Grrr...

Actually, that's not totally true.  I did do one with the sun and sentiment in the opposite corners but I thought it looked like the sun was setting, not rising and wasn't happy with it.  Think about it.  We read from left to right and the sun rises from east to west.  If I had a sun in the right corner, it had to be setting, right?  Am I over thinking this?  I can tell you, I got some funny looks from my husband over this argument.

"Aren't they the same card?"

I still love him.


  1. Love the sun in the upper corner and the sentiment in the lower corner. Great card.

  2. OH I love your image Christine
    so sweet smiley cute and happy sun shine face
    love the idea using only the corner
    hope you have time to visit my card
    hugs, Monika

  3. I am in TOTAL agreement with your card design logic, Christine! I would think it would be saying, "May the sun shine on you today ... but you better be quick about it because it's going down!" haha! NOW, it's beautiful and the recipient has the whole of the day to be shined on! Well done! Hugs, Darnell